MAXSTOIRX WordPress Plugin Solution
** only allows SMALL sellers to use the system, A Maxiumum of 400 products submitted at any 1 time.

** This is to keep large sellers from overrunning the listings, and give small sellers a chance to SALE!
** Amazon and Ebay Cost $$$, Marketing on Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Instgram ALL cost money to sell without a single sale.
** We promote 1 website,! With your products from WooCommerce Only, not shopify, Amazon or Ebay, we promote US!
** I know what it is like to create your WooCommerce Store and there you site alone in the Internet Ocean same with Shopify!
** I never made money on my WooCommerce Sites, only on Ebay and Amazon which is the worse place to sell and it’s’ not getting better.
** Ebay takes Fees, per month susbscription and large FVF. Amazon is no better, much worse, rediculous policies and rules….
** Maxstoir works as a product search so it gives everyone a chance to have prodcuts found and click on the products it takes
** the buyer to various websites to buy it. No EBAY VERO, NO content to uploaded or maintain here, no seller harrassment.
** This does not mean we will not monitor those that try and get around the 400 item limit, big sellers and companies, sellers
** trying to cheat the system through API calls, or claiming to be small sellers. We need to give the small sellers a chance
** to feel what it is like to sell online without all the rules and regulations to benefit the large sellers and high prices.
** Our goal is to promote 1 website of 1000+ WooCommerce websites using, SellChamp and Sellbrite are great cheap partners.
** Find out more about MaxStoir.Com and try it yourself (still Beta) running the plugin… Visit Maxstoir.Com
** Even if you sell nothing or something , it took nothing more than installing the plugin and Maxstoir plugin/website does the rest.
** Have any questions? Send us an email.

How would I do this without being beaten down and needing tons of lawyers and making the site as bad as all the others?

I found a way, a site that doesn’t host your products, just links, YOUR site needs to keep clean and deal with any issues, not us. you can submit, we promote and you get sales. You deal with the sale (if they do), shipping and returns, etc your way. We are not responsible for what you do. HOWEVER, they will be able to file complaints, and if too severe we will drop you. I hate liars, scammers, bullies (big store tons of stuff to low ball others) and I be diligent about weeding them out and removing them. A revolving system to give sellers a chance to sell their items using smart algorithms, to get sales to go around. Google almost does this almost. Aside from them just selling nothing they actually own but they are the middle man to helping people sell with all the hassles and degrading rules to get through plus you always end up spending A LOT of money selling a limited number of items, they are horrible. Support is horrible like the rest, no empathy, rude, arrogant help , your a crook they are talking to and treat you as such. But they never sold a thing for me. many many times I have reapplied, loaded up the products in Marketplace and NOTHING, they say I was impersonating somthing or a domain wasnt verified I verified like 5 times along with Address, name , Phone, email , WEBSITs. BOTH Faceboo and Google are horrible and getting worse. Amazon is lready wrose and ebay isnt far behind and getting worse too.

Maxstoir.Com - History

Ebay, Amazon and others are just getting worse, taking more, limiting more, suspending more, holding the money, giving customers kingtreatment and sellers the shaft. If you don’t agree move on, we are not for you.

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