Maxstoir.Com - WordPress Plugin Download

Download ad install the MaxStoir.Com plugin to get started on sending your products to Maxstoir so that customers can be sent to your website to purchase products. Must have 400 or LESS products, this is NOT for LARGE volume sellers. They make enough money, we need to give the new and upcoming sellers a chance. Simply install, run setup and it will connect to to register your products.


  • Download the plugin to your download directory
  • Go into WordPress ADD Plugin
  • Select Upload plugin and locate the downloaded plugin ZIP
  • After you install the plugin, click on MAXSTOIR of the Menu
  • Select button to Install Maxstoir
  • It will Create a Secret Key and Code on Maxstoir database that allows your website to connect and upload products.
  • WE don’t require alot of info, NOTHING PERSONAL,
  • We use PRICE, QTY, TITLE, Product URL, Featured Image URL for each product
  • When products are selected on Maxstoir.Com they are passed back to your store.
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